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Brittany, France

Wedged into the corner of North-Western France, Brittany is the beginning of a Gallic love affair for many British tourists. The character of the province can only be really be discovered through an extensive tour as it is the Breton spirit that truly marks the region out.

The joy of Brittany's rugged coastline is relaxing beside a coy harbour, Breton cider tankard in hand, waiting with mouth-watering anticipation for a platter of authentic Breton fruits de mer. After dinner tourists can be found mingling with locals, strolling down to a pier to watch processions of boats both traditional and majestic set off for the blue yonder.

The hinterland is little explored but well worth the effort. It harbours medieval festivals, deserted abbeys and secluded gardens, jazz in the streets, night-time revelries of Celtic music, clusters of gastronomic markets and the standing stones of a bygone age.

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