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An Adventure Holiday in France -Where You Should Go

Some people need more from their hard-earned holiday than just lazing by the pool or sitting on the beach.

If you’re one of those adventure-loving people then you’ll be delighted to hear France is a big country, a varied country with almost unlimited possibilities for adventure holidays of all sorts.

An adventure holiday in France will create … Read More

5 reasons why autumn in France rules

I love autumn, especially autumn in France. It’s my very favourite time of year. I always seem to end up taking a holiday to France in the autumn or, if I’m very busy, content myself with just a few days break away.

It’s usually around the end of September which falls neatly in line with my … Read More

Walking in France and mysterious tree markings

You can’t have failed to see them if you have ever been walking in France on holiday. Weird flashes of yellow, maybe  red and white  or even red and yellow flashes daubed on tree trunks, on walls, gates and even on stones on the ground. They look like mystic runes or something. What on earth … Read More

The best places for Autumn colour in France

It is early November and, thanks to the exceptionally warm October in France, the colours have  been slow to change this autumn.

But the process is now in full swing and the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows are exploding all over the country.

So where in France will you see the best autumn colours?

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