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Here at stopoverconnections.com, we try to keep up with what’s hip and happening. Well, kind of. The nub of it is, that we don’t like to be left behind if there is something good going on. As you have been browsing various internet sites, you may have noticed an increasing number of buttons and bars appearing, inviting you to tell your mates on Facebook, Twitter, Delicious etc etc about this great website that you have found. Well, seems like a good idea to us, as this social networking phenomenon takes off. So we have created our own bespoke button which does all of the above and also gives you the ability to quickly and easily email friends and family to tell them about accommodation on the website in which you are interested. This is the button that we are talking about;screenshot

Wherever you see it on the site, just hover over the button and then click on the envelope if you want to tell somebody by email about particular accommodation on the site or share it on Facebook or any of the other social networking sites.

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