The good bed and breakfast host

September marks the end of the summer season for bed and breakfasts in France.

Many B&B hosts are reflecting on the holiday season that has been and wondering what they could have done better.

Whenever our clients return from staying at one of our partner B&Bs in France, we always ask them for their honest … Read More

A holiday to France – 3 ways to enrich the experience

Whether you are taking your first holiday to France this year or whether France is a regular holiday destination for you, there are a few simple things that I believe will enrich your stay in this beautiful country.

Courtesy in everyday life

Courtesy and politeness are at the heart of French society.

Saying ‘Bonjour’, … Read More

Alternative Winter Holiday Ideas

If you’re a snow bunny looking for alternative winter holiday ideas as a change from your regular alpine ski break, we’ve got some great suggestions for you.


If you enjoy hiking in the summer and getting away from the crowds then snowshoeing in the winter is just the ticket.

Snowshoes come into their own when the snow … Read More

Family friendly French chateau B&Bs

How many children can boast to their friends that they have stayed in a real castle in France? It’s what dreams are made of, isn’t it!

A stay in a family friendly French chateau B&B is a fairytale experience that will capture your child’s imagination.

Maybe surprisingly, it really doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Dismiss … Read More

5 reasons why autumn in France rules

I love autumn, especially autumn in France. It’s my very favourite time of year. I always seem to end up taking a holiday to France in the autumn or, if I’m very busy, content myself with just a few days break away.

It’s usually around the end of September which falls neatly in line with my … Read More

France off the beaten track

It’s August. It’s holiday time. French workers abandon city life for a whole month of vacation, heading for their holiday homes in the countryside.

The British too head to France en masse making a beeline for those honeypot destinations …. the Loire Valley, Provence, the Dordogne, the ‘South of France’ aka the French Riviera.

But what … Read More

Walking in France and mysterious tree markings

You can’t have failed to see them if you have ever been walking in France on holiday. Weird flashes of yellow, maybe  red and white  or even red and yellow flashes daubed on tree trunks, on walls, gates and even on stones on the ground. They look like mystic runes or something. What on earth … Read More

France for foodies

France is a country for foodies. It’s a fact. Indeed, French gastronomy has been recognised by Unesco as a ‘world intangible heritage’.

The French table d’hôte

Eating and drinking, en famille or amongst friends, it’s a ritual developed over generations, an active tradition and a social custom for which the French are renowned.

The good news is … Read More

Where to holiday in France

France is a big country. It is also a country of enormous variety so deciding where to spend your holiday in France takes some thought!

However you like to spend your holiday, lazing on the beach, doing various sporting activities, visiting historical sites or sampling local food and wine, there is a place in France … Read More

B&B near Limoges – our pick of 3 of the best

If you have a long drive to your holiday destination in SW France, break your journey down the A20 autoroute and stop off at a B&B near Limoges.

The Limoges area is a convenient point at which to break the 10 hour journey from Calais to the Pyrenees for example and allows you to head … Read More