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Hello charming hotels and chateaux stays in France

You may have to come to the Stopover Connections website when searching for self-catering accommodation in France. This post explains why you won’t have found what you’re looking for.

The background to Stopover Connections

If you’re a regular visitor to the┬áStopover Connections website, you can’t help but notice that we have been making some important … Read More

Website redesign – Phase 1

I am delighted to be able to bring you our new look website! The banner above will take you to our new home page which we hope you will find pleasing to the eye and easier to navigate. I am delighted with the redesign and hope you are too. Please get in touch if you … Read More

New! Lower prices for bed and breakfast accommodation in France!

Those of you with their finger on the pulse will be aware that sterling has at last commenced its recovery against the euro. This can only mean one thing – if you book now, your holiday in France will be cheaper than it was last year! In line with the improving exchange rate, I am … Read More

Spread the word

Here at, we try to keep up with what’s hip and happening. Well, kind of. The nub of it is, that we don’t like to be left behind if there is something good going on. As you have been browsing various internet sites, you may have noticed an increasing number of buttons and bars … Read More

Accommodation photo galleries – you asked for it!

You, like us, have been frustrated by the all too small images that we have been displaying on our accommodation pages. How can you get a proper idea of the accommodation with images that small?! Well, now you can view proper decent-sized photos on many of the accommodations thanks to the exciting new gallery feature … Read More