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5 reasons why autumn in France rules

I love autumn, especially autumn in France. It’s my very favourite time of year. I always seem to end up taking a holiday to France in the autumn or, if I’m very busy, content myself with just a few days break away.

It’s usually around the end of September which falls neatly in line with my … Read More

France off the beaten track

It’s August. It’s holiday time. French workers abandon city life for a whole month of vacation, heading for their holiday homes in the countryside.

The British too head to France en masse making a beeline for those honeypot destinations …. the Loire Valley, Provence, the Dordogne, the ‘South of France’ aka the French Riviera.

But what … Read More

Winter holidays in France for the non skier

Think of a winter holiday in France and most people’s thoughts will jump to skiing. Piste skiing. Ski alpin. Resort skiing. It isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. But thankfully there are numerous possibilities for a winter holiday in France for the non skier.

I don’t know about you, but my idea of a good winter … Read More

Top tips for your family holiday to the Loire Valley

You may be considering a family holiday to the Loire Valley in France this year. After all, you love French history and culture and absolutely must see those beautiful castles that you have read about.

But what about the kids? They’ll be bored won’t they? Well no, actually! Here are our top tips for keeping them … Read More

A holiday in Western France

The Poitou Charentes region of Western France enjoys more sunlight hours than almost any other region of France. No surprise then that this area is so popular as a holiday destination.

This is a land of sandy beaches, pine forests and green meadows, cognac vineyards and Romanesque churches. Considering a family holiday in this area of … Read More

Normandy Gardens

Normandy with its fantastic choice of gardens of all sizes and styles open to the public should be the no. 1 short break destination for the garden lover.

This is just a small selection of our favourite gardens in Normandy that will provide you with a great day out and/or give you some inspiration for your … Read More

The Auvergne – an alternative Winter holiday destination

The volcanic Auvergne region in central France is a great destination for an alternative winter holiday.

Although the Auvergne is only a couple of hundred miles from the higher altitude resorts of the Alps, it’s a different world altogether.

If the top end, fully-catered luxury ski chalet and the fashionable après-ski bar scene is … Read More

Away from it all in la France Profonde

Ressourcement. It’s a wonderful French word meaning to return to the basics of life, to revitalise ones soul and rejuvenate the spirit.

It’s what everybody needs from time to time in order to preserve their sanity in this mad, chaotic world.

My prescription is for a break away to a place where you can just … Read More

The best places for Autumn colour in France

It is early November and, thanks to the exceptionally warm October in France, the colours have  been slow to change this autumn.

But the process is now in full swing and the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows are exploding all over the country.

So where in France will you see the best autumn colours?

Autumn … Read More

‘Couples only’ holiday in Brittany

If you are considering treating your significant other to a well-earned short break away for a bit of rest, relaxation and pampering, consider a short break (or why not longer?) in Brittany this summer. Elaine has not got much availability left in June and early July, but she still has good availability in the second … Read More