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Away from it all in la France Profonde

Ressourcement. It’s a wonderful French word meaning to return to the basics of life, to revitalise ones soul and rejuvenate the spirit.

It’s what everybody needs from time to time in order to preserve their sanity in this mad, chaotic world.

My prescription is for a break away to a place where you can just … Read More

Make the most of local produce during your holiday to France (part II)

Le Centre Ouest If you are taking your holiday in the central or central western area of France this summer, then this post is for you.  From the Pays de la Loire region to the Loire Valley, from the Vendée inland to the Auvergne, each department has it’s speciality.

Let’s start on the west coast … Read More

Make the most of local food during your holiday to France

Quality, local, fresh produce is increasingly hard to find in the UK. Sure, farmers’ markets are on the rise but prices are generally high and speciality products tend to dominate. So during your French holiday, be sure to make the most of the fantastic choice of local products that you will find there. Fresh, local, good … Read More

Public Holidays in France – what you need to know

May is nearly here. Very little gets done in France in either May or June as there are so many public holidays! Although we include details of all upcoming public holidays (and indeed regional school holiday dates) towards the bottom of each of our accommodation pages, I thought it worth specifically bringing these dates to … Read More

Valentine’s Day in France

The French have a reputation for being a romantic people. However, contrary to popular belief, Saint Valentin was not necessarily French – the Catholic church has no less than three Saint Valentins!

As for Valentine’s Day, it appears to have its roots in nature. In the Middle Ages in both England and France, there was … Read More

The tradition of the Galette des Rois in France

The Christmas celebrations may be over but Twelfth night is yet to come. This date represents the date on which Christmas decorations are traditionally taken down and packed away for another year.

But Epithany, a Christian feastday falls on January 6 or, in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, on the Sunday between January 2 and … Read More

Christmas Traditions in France

Christmas is a lovely celebratory time of year, nowhere more so than in France. There are some wonderful Christmas traditions in France but also some interesting ones that may raise an eyebrow or two!

Christmas traditions in France – the food

The traditional Christmas meal in France takes place on the 24th December, a date which is … Read More

Burgundy – les Trois Glorieuses

Les Trois Glorieuses is THE big event in Burgundy for the serious wine enthusiast. It takes place over the third weekend of November and attracts connoisseurs of fine wine from all over the world.

So what’s it all about? Les Trois Glorieuses means the Three Glorious Days and is a celebration which marks the end … Read More

It’s Beaujolais Nouveau time again

Each year, on the stroke of midnight on the third Thursday of November, the festivities surrounding Beaujolais Nouveau kick off in France.

With a song and a dance and quite often a lot of fireworks, France celebrates the arrival of the first wine of the season. Beaujolais is the southernmost department of the Burgundy … Read More