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5 of the best reasons to visit France in the Spring

Springtime in France is a very special time of year.

This new season is fresh with the promise of warmer days, delicious fresh fruit and vegetables and the glory of colourful Spring wildflowers.

Discover France in the spring and enjoy all that this early season has to offer.

Fresh spring produce

Life … Read More

Pancake day in France

When is pancake day in France celebrated?

Pancake day in France is always celebrated on the 2nd February.

Known as la Chandeleur in France, it is also a Catholic holiday which comes under the name of Candelmas and takes place 40 days after Christmas Day.

In the Catholic calendar the date commemorates the purification … Read More

Autumn bounty in France

Summer, with its colourful bounty of fruit and vegetables, is a distant memory. It’s the greens, oranges and reds of autumn produce that now fill market stalls in villages throughout France. This is after all the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness and the fruit is particularly bountiful this year.

Autumn squashes and pumpkins

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The good bed and breakfast host

September marks the end of the summer season for bed and breakfasts in France.

Many B&B hosts are reflecting on the holiday season that has been and wondering what they could have done better.

Whenever our clients return from staying at one of our partner B&Bs in France, we always ask them for their honest … Read More

A holiday to France – 3 ways to enrich the experience

Whether you are taking your first holiday to France this year or whether France is a regular holiday destination for you, there are a few simple things that I believe will enrich your stay in this beautiful country.

Courtesy in everyday life

Courtesy and politeness are at the heart of French society.

Saying ‘Bonjour’, … Read More

10 reasons why I love France in Winter

The days may be shorter, the sun may be weaker, but there are so many reasons why I love France in winter.

Reason no. 1 – Peace and Quiet

France has a very small population in relation to its size (around 120 people per km2 as opposed to the UK which has 265 per … Read More

A cultural holiday destination in France

France is the perfect cultural holiday destination.

Every year, millions of people visit its castles, abbeys and churches to explore the rich history of this beautiful country. But which part should you head for?

My suggestion would be the South of France.

No, not the Provence/Riviera/Cote d’Azur south of France, but the ‘other’ south … Read More

Public holidays in France in May

There are three public holidays in France in May which is more than in any other month. Do you know what these public holidays are and what they represent in France? Read on.

1st May public holiday in France

The 1st May is ‘la Fête du Travail’. It has been a paid public holiday in … Read More

French vocabulary hints and tips

If you are planning a holiday to France, we think you’ll find these French vocabulary hints and tips invaluable.

Whether it’s a question of basic politeness or being aware of literal translations that simply don’t work, the French will appreciate any efforts that you make to speak their language.


It’s true that in the UK … Read More

The Christmas Market in France

If there is one thing (amongst many) that the French do well, it is the Christmas market.

At a Christmas market in France you’ll find warming cups of vin chaud and handfuls of amandes pralinés being handed out from the decorated Christmas chalets.

If the snow happens to fall, then the experience promises to be even more … Read More