An Adventure Holiday in France -Where You Should Go

Some people need more from their hard-earned holiday than just lazing by the pool or sitting on the beach.

If you’re one of those adventure-loving people then you’ll be delighted to hear France is a big country, a varied country with almost unlimited possibilities for adventure holidays of all sorts.

An adventure holiday in France will create lasting memories and memorable experiences that you can pull out of your memory bank in those moments when life starts getting you down.

Adventure holidays in the French mountains

The mountains of the Pyrenees are a veritable year round adventure playground.

Find adventure in the mountains of the Pyrenees

But they also provide that oh so important opportunity to switch off, de-stress and re-charge the batteries.

The mountains are good for the soul. I’ve heard it so many times.

I experience it myself on a regular basis.

Maybe it’s the pure mountain air, maybe it’s the peace and quiet, or it could quite simply be the shere beauty of Mother Nature. Pyrenees hiking adventure holidays

Combine this pristine environment with off the beaten track adventures and you’ve got the recipe for an unforgettable experience.

Whether you enjoy exploring the great outdoors on two feet, two wheels or on four legs, in summer or in winter, the mountains are a fabulous place in which to unwind and de-stress.

The risk? Only that you’ll end up boring family and friends forever after with your photos and stories!

The Adventure Creators

Adventures in the Pyrenees mountains

The Adventure Creators is our new venture based in the mountains of the French Pyrenees.

Just like Stopover Connections it is a very personal business.

It is made up of a team of experienced and knowledgeable local folk whose overriding aim is to share their passion for the very special Pyrenees environment with you.

If getting away from the crowds, discovering unusual wildlife and flowers and exploring an unspoilt and breathtakingly beautiful environment appeal, pop on over and check out the website.

Horse riding adventure holidays

The Castillon horse on a Pyrenees horse trekking holidayHorse lovers will fall in love with the Castillon breed of horse.

Along with the jet black Merens, these horses are native to the Ariege Pyrenees and were bred for the mountain environment.

Sure-footed, hardy and with a kind and gentle temperament, they cope easily with multi day horse treks in the Pyrenees mountains.

A horse trekking holiday in the Pyrenees is a special experience for any horse-lover.

It’s a wondeful way in which to explore the beauty of the high mountain environment of the unspoilt Pyrenees.

Walking holidays

Hiking on an adventure holiday in France

If adventures on two feet are more your thing then discover the wilder side of life on a guided multi day walking holiday in the Pyrenees.

Our guides take you off the beaten tourist paths to discover the wilder side of both the French and Spanish Pyrenees.

You’ll discover the territory of the brown bear in the central Pyrenees as well as that of chamois and ibex too.

Birds of prey such as vultures and eagles frequent these skies.

If you’re very lucky you may spot the endangered Lammergeier with its distinctive spoon-shaped tail too.

Mountain biking adventures

Pyrenees MTB adventure holiday in FranceMountain bikers are not forgotten in the Pyrenees either.

The Adventure Creators specialise in guided mountain biking holidays simply because the local guides know all the best unmarked local tracks and trails that you wouldn’t otherwise discover.

The Pyrenees have some of the finest singletrack, some of the most sustained riding and of course some of the very best views that you can hope to find.

Women’s mountain holidays are incredibly popular in the Pyrenees and always a good giggle!

Winter adventure holidays

Snowshoeing adventure holiday in France

Adventures in the mountains of France are not confined to the summer months.

After all, who doesn’t like a snowy winter adventure.

The mountains of the Pyrenees are a winter sports playground and not just for the ski enthusiast either.

If you don’t know about all of the other non-skiing winter holiday adventures that are possible, it’s about time you were enlightened.

Snowshoeing adventures

Snowshoeing adventure holidays in FranceIf you’re a keen hill walker then strap a pair of snowshoes to your walking boots and explore the winter wonderland.

Snowshoeing is my very favourite winter adventure activity as you can reach so many places that are simply not accessible on skis.

Snowshoeing is accessible to everybody with a reasonable level of fitness and you don’t need to learn any particular techniques to enjoy a memorable day out in the snow.

Ski touring

Ski touring adventures If you’re a fit, experienced resort skier who gets bored easily, boy you must experience a backcountry ski adventure!

With skins attached to your skis and a free heel you’ll be guided up (yes, up!) into the high mountains where your efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking descents and equally breathtaking views.


Mix and match adventures

The Adventure Creators are experts at tailor making all manner of holiday adventures so that you get the active holiday that you want.

If you don’t see the adventure holiday that you want on the website, just ask. Your very own adventure holiday will be tailor-made for you.

Happy Adventuring!



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